Service Highlights

In Home Support:
I can assist you with any technical job in your own home, from programming the VCR to helping you send an email. No job too small.

Thera Visits:
Seeing your family and staying connected is good therapy. I travel to your home, bedside, or even hospital room and set up live video chat sessions for you to see family, grandchildren, or friends anyplace in the world.

Computer Assistance:
I assist with computer purchase advice, computer troubleshooting, or computer tutoring.

Photography and Videos:
Planning a cruise or world travel? Want to convert old movies, slides, or photographs to new formats? I can help you choose a camera for your trip or organize your photos afterward.

Technology Coaching:
Some technology will waste your time, some will save you money and time. Let me show you which technology complements your lifestyle.

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Tech Senior is a division of Buss International, which is a registered business in Los Angles County (County Registrar Document #1823442). Buss International offers a wide variety of technology services, and Tech Senior focuses on offering these services to senior citizens and their families.

You can contact Tech Senior at (805) 715-8032. This number can be used 24-Hours a day, and your call will be handled directly by Brian Buss, owner of Buss International. I will respond to your inquiry promptly during regular daytime business hours.

If you would like to send me an email, please fill out the simple form below, and it will go directly to me.

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