Service Highlights

In Home Support:
I can assist you with any technical job in your own home, from programming the VCR to helping you send an email. No job too small.

Thera Visits:
Seeing your family and staying connected is good therapy. I travel to your home, bedside, or even hospital room and set up live video chat sessions for you to see family, grandchildren, or friends anyplace in the world.

Computer Assistance:
I assist with computer purchase advice, computer troubleshooting, or computer tutoring.

Photography and Videos:
Planning a cruise or world travel? Want to convert old movies, slides, or photographs to new formats? I can help you choose a camera for your trip or organize your photos afterward.

Technology Coaching:
Some technology will waste your time, some will save you money and time. Let me show you which technology complements your lifestyle.

Our Services

In Home Support
I can assist you with any technical job in your own home, from programming the VCR to helping you send an email. No job is too small. The difference between us and the other "Geeks" and "Tech Squads" out there is that you won't find an impatient high school student knocking on your door, who answers their cell phone every five minutes and speaks in technical terms that sound like another language. I am a college educated Mechanical Engineer, who has worked in top companies as a quality assurance engineer and customer service engineer. I will explain the solution in vocabulary you can comprehend, and offer you tips to avoid recurrence.

Tech Senior costs less, with my hourly service fees starting at only $75 per hour, compared with our competition who charge $100 or more.

I was fortunate to work as a volunteer in retirement communities and convalescent homes, visiting patients twice a week, talking to them about their lives, travels and experiences. One thing I found is that while everyone loves to talk about their lives, its the lives and achievements of their grandchildren and family that they are most proud of. Today, many families are separated by distance, and to address this, I am proud to start offering our newest service, TheraVisits.

Staying in touch with loved ones, friends and family is good therapy. Tech Senior can help harness the power of technology to bring you closer with any one. We come to any residence or hospital bedside and set up a live video chat where you can watch your grandchild's first steps, chat with your family living overseas, or play a game of cards or chess with anyone in the world. We bring all the equipment needed, and ensure that it is comfortable for you to use and easy to see and hear the video. We can also assist the distant party you will be chatting with set up their equipment if needed. What ever it takes to put a smile on my client's face, I'm prepared to do it.

Computer Assistance
Tech Senior recognizes the that our home computers are the main technology tool used today, and they also become one of the largest sources of problems for users who are not confident or knowledgeable to fix them. Couple this with media and advertisers who promote computer products by scaring consumers about computer viruses, spyware, hackers and con artists. Yes, these problems do exists, and you should take steps to protect yourself. However, most seniors are using computers only casually, and Tech Senior will set up your computer to run with minimal interruptions are problems. We will also explain error messages that may be popping up and which messages are important, and which can be ignored.

Photography and Videos
Seniors with an active travel lifestyle enjoy preserving their memories with photographs and videos. Tech Senior can assist you in purchasing the right digital camera for your next trip. Its important that you choose one that fits your needs and skill level, and also choosing one that has the proper size and durability in preparation for travel and to reduce chances of theft or damage.

Many seniors do not understand the new terms associated with memory cards, flash memory, and battery life. I can assure you that they are easier to deal with compared to old style film, but to make sure you have enough memory and battery for your cruise or international vacation, I invite you to give me a call!

When you return from your trip, what are you going to do with all those photographs? Tech Senior offers DVD creation which makes a copy of all the images that can be played on a DVD home theater or on your computer. Other ideas I can assist you with include making a screen saver out of photographs, creating a "DVD Holiday Card" for friends and family or surprise your family by converting old slides and photographs into a digital version for safe keeping forever.

Technology Coaching
Nobody has the time to keep pace with all new forms of technology. With each month comes new gadgets, services, and innovations from the most creative companies in the world. As your Technology Coach, I will explain which of these innovations can save you time and money, and which will waste your time and money.

Tech Senior starts by sitting down and discussing with our clients the areas of their life that they would like to reduce costs, save time, simplify use, or create excitement. We'll cover cost cutting measures such as reduction of phone bills. We can help you save time with explaining how to set up automatic bill payments, shopping online, or researching information on the web using free services. We can assist you to increase the safety and security of your home with today's latest security and home automation products. I'll help you create excitement by helping you choose a new home theater or music system for your home. Let me know what your goals are, and I will coach you on if there is a technology out there that will help you reach them.

Ideas or Suggestions
Each time I meet with a client or tell someone about Tech Senior, I often learn of a new service or idea that combines technology and the lifestyles of seniors in a new way. If you have an idea or request, do not hesitate to contact me just because it is not in the list of services above. I'll let you know if it is something that I can do, or get you referred to someone who can do it better. Assistance, even if it comes from another business, is my promise to you.